Technology Services

Technology Services

CALDEV INTERNATIONAL is a leading technology-based company with its International HQ in Malaysia, established in July 2000 by a team of experienced experts from security & communication industry.  

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The company is presently the leading supplier in Malaysia and the Middle East for ELV products and services, CALDEV GROUP’s business has evolved from trading based to solution based, with a solid in-house R & D team in the development of state- of- the- art solutions deploying cutting-edge technologies such as :-

  • Virtual Eye (VE)-Software As A Service, an open platform and Managed / Hosted service for alarm & IP CCTV
  • Nerve for Action Decision and Intelligence (NADI) – database extraction and escalation process for large-scale integrated implementations
  • Monitoring of Security and Surveillance System (MAPS)
  • I-sense- Centralized Intelligent Video Analytic software
  • Information Security Management System (ISMS) – user-friendly interactive display solution for security command centers
  • Visitor Management System, Guard Tour, Time Attendance system etc.

CALDEV GROUP -VIEWTECH with its Multimedia Super Corridor (“MSC”) Malaysia Status Company, a national initiative spearheaded by the Malaysian Government to promote locally developed technologies. Under government support and funding (Mdec, MyCC and Cradle) the company has grown from being a leader in domestic market to an international player, bringing innovation to the surveillance and security industries. CALDEV GROUP has taken the next leap, by providing latest technologies of Video Content Analysis (VCA) as part of Cloud Computing Services with SaaS (Software as a Service) model.  Its core competence lies in the development and commercialization of sophisticated technologies into useful commercial and industrial products and solutions. The products and solutions are innovatively built, based on CALDEV-VIEWTECH’s intelligent technologies can be widely applied in various market segments, namely Airports, Banks, Commercial & Residential, education, government, industrial, retail etc. Both CALDEV Malaysia & CALDEV GROUP Singapore are focused on regional markets in South East Asia and Africa. And now East African office branch CALDEV INTERNATIONAL LTD in Nairobi-Kenya as an QH E.A region serving Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, Ethiopia and the neighboring Countries in the central Africa, West and south.

CALDEV INTERNATIONAL- strives to be recognized as a global solutions provider in delivering cutting edge solutions and technologies, and made its mark in the industry in Year 2000 by delivering a wide array of highly innovative security & communication products, systems and solutions.  As a solution provider, CALDEV INTERNATIONAL - continues to progress forward in delivering Software as a Service (SaaS) to simplify deployment and reduce customer acquisition costs together with the premier platform that allows developers to support many customers. CALDEV INTERNATIONAL- has strategic partnerships with leading technology and market leaders such as:

>>  Bosch >>  Adalo
>>  Honeywell >>  Aimetis
>>  Hikvison >>  Koukaam
>>  Vivotek >>  Agneovo
>>  Videotec >>  HP
>>  Seagate >>  Computar
>>  Nedap >>  GANZ

The key factors in the group's success include the constant strengthening of the product portfolio and in-house brands such as Mega-view, Mega-vision and Mega-sys, which have gained popularity and are widely accepted within the ELV and security market. CALDEV GROUP is well-positioned to be a full-fledge solution provider using the current cutting-edge solutions. The awards we have garnered include:

  • Winner of the Merlion Awards 2007 Open Category at Safety & Security Asia, Singapore with Virtual Eye.
  • Best @ Show Awards & Best New Product in ISF 2008 & ISF 2010 etc.  With VE & NADI.

Today, CALDEV with its motto “A Winning Partnership” is a vibrant and forward-looking group with recognition for its strength and excellence. With the increasing demand for our products and services from both the local and overseas markets via our valued distribution channels and OEM customers, building a sustainable long term and ever growing business requires the highest standards of quality, business ethics and excellence. United with a solid management team, R&D capability and in-depth market knowledge, CIG is poised to become a significant player in the global security and ELV markets.

We are a Cisco authorized Installer/partners networking and security solutions.


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